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A new living room interior design Concept

It is a very simple concept. We are introducing in the living room, as the center of interest,  something equivalent to the traditional Japanese niches tokonoma and tana with the dimensions adapted to the European modern house.

It can be used in any living room decorating style. Or integrated in the bedroom or in the kids room.

And why not in the manager’s office or in another room in the headquarters of a company.

It can be positioned between two furniture corps or it can be made from plaster, wood, marble, glass, stainless steel, etc. .. anything you want or you like.

Note: The following three images are made in 3D Chief Architect program for you only to get an idea about ​​the new concept and not as a special design.


It can go to the limit of kitsch (forgotten and wonderful word …….”kitsch”).

You can do it youself or you can ask an interior designer if you want something special.

At the top we will put a stamp, a symbol of the family or a profession, a great picture, a lamp or a special ornament. At the bottom we will put an Ikebana floral arrangement , preferably moribana.

According to the quality and sophistication of this arrangement, the guest can realize the consideration that you give it to him.

art2                     art3

Even though when I learned about Moribana floral arranjements I understand that the longest flower length is 11/2 of the amount of vase width and the vase depth, I stuck within the idea that the moribana vase is very large.

I even looked for a while on the internet for the moribana floral arrangements with large vase and I didn’t found it. Therefore we will make the occidental moribana floral arrangements with low and large vases.

Occidental tokonoma can be achieved in two ways:

1. First to create the living room center of interest through a unique design occidental tokonoma and after that to furnish and decorate the room.

2. First to create a 3D virtual home design by photographing the living room furniture and decorations and transform them into 3D virtual objects using SketchUp 3D software and import them into a 3D home design software and then to do the occidental tokonoma design accordingly to the virtual room furniture and decoration.

Examples of Japanese tokonoma:

fd0e5ee4fb06e174d0f85cf65c4a9fbe       de0a48a28d8f81c213e3f46ac87596bc


dc504d64b190b6e2a4fe36f4e3aa6e21                 b2cdafbafa0d920cef697fa5d8379e8a


886038b6fe9842b79ed1a90e49945c64               25196e410228f4a62ecef4b53609a681


71c06ba70184ede7bada70a12657e6be                        11efb550b3c142cf3a76f267fdd7c646

9ce5309e85ab90296ea76a1da3659719                    6a115202a6b09ee8652a91bc442b29e2

For more images access my Pinterest page Tokonoma.

Examples of Moribana Japanese floral arrangements:

083bb7b7096ce391aad7ee0dce6c2385                     53e5354947724d14a23d173c66b1036d

33c10d857e7f511dd971f600f957082e           5a906786a32f4ab6caabb561c537fac6

d977b2e3d7f61c226bdc3a2b84850f40                            cd7fd5e105c5446f7d7aaf54a083e1bc

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA       a3d86a9a27fbcf7ea24160d5a52a313b


For more images access my Pinterest page Moribana.

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In the next article I will present you the occidental floral arrangements moribana with large vases.

If you need other informations contact us:


Posted by New Elements on January 12, 2015