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It is very easy to make your own SketchUp 3D Warehouse Library

The Library is ideal for you in order to show your products on web as 3D virtual objects, here speaking about of all products we have in our home (furniture, decorations, paintings, curtains, ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, household appliances, lighting objects, vases, flowers, etc..) which can then be downloaded by your client in his computer, standing comfortably at home, using Punch! Home & Landscape Design software for home decorating and design, in order to see if, for exampe the bed fits in the room or the courtain or a vase match the furniture or what colors would be suitable for the furniture you will buy and walls painting.


Note: Click on the images in order to increase them and read it easy.


Your 3D object will appear like this:


If you need other informations contact us:



Posted by New Elements on December 24, 2014