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SketchUp 3D Warehouse ROMANIA Virtual Library

I think we all agree that “The Internet is the future” and will benefit those who will succeed “to introduce the products directly in you house” that means in your 3D virtual house using a 3D DIY Home and Landscape Design software.

Affiliates will be the today distributors (but without the transport activity) and the transport companies will grow up. Already they are talking about this in maritime transport. They will appear small transport companies that will deliver the products solded online in the neighboring countries. Affiliate will be a small company with one man-computer that will sell products online in a certain niche, preferably as small as possible. Transport and distribution network will be created by the advertisers and the manufacturers.

SketchUp 3D Warehouse Virtual Library Project Romania addresses, for the beginning to the architects, interior designers, those working with the production and sale of furniture and decorations or real estate agencies, and later those who sell food and clothing online.

It is a 100% feasible project but require huge investment from the beginning (many architects) and once put into practice all countries will create a similar virtual library, and will be created an international network between these virtual libraries.

The online project contain:

  1. Making the SketchUp 3D Warehouse Romania virtual library with all the products that we have in the house in the form of 3D virtual objects (.skp files) necessary for product”s online selling
  2. Filling the Library with 3D virtual food products (with the visualization and verification of taste and smell of the products online before being purchased)
  3. Filling 3D Library with 3D virtual clothing products (with the virtual clothing’s dressing online before being purchased)
  4. A graph possitioned next the profile picture on facebook or google+ social networks that will make possible a better online communication between the buyer and the seller

1. SketchUp 3D Warehouse Romania Virtual Library

SketchUp 3D Warehouse Virtual Library Romania will gather all the products that we have in our home (furniture, decorations, paintings, curtains, ceramic tiles, sanitary ware, household appliances, lighting objects, vases, flowers, etc.) as 3D virtual objects (.skp file – SketchUp) because it is the form that can be imported in any 3D professional interior design and decoration software or in any 3D interior design and decoration software for enthusiasts (DIY).

The home’s products companies will create their own virtual 3D SketchUp libraries that will be collected on a website with links to these libraries.

The website will gather on the main page all the manufacturers involved in the project (click to see Alex ornaments as an example of how will show your Virtual Library in the SketchUp 3D Warehouse Romania).

1    2    3    4

ornamente    Guidologie    Dana Land    gol

When you access one of the producers, let’s say Alex for examle, you will go directly into SketchUp Warehouse virtual library:

2015-02-12_2122         2015-02-12_1928

Enter a collection and then a model, click on the 3D view to rotate the 3D object to see how it looks in space. If you click on the download you can download to your computer and then you can import into a 3D interior design and decoration (professional or home enthusiasts DIY).


You can share the 3D object on Google+, Facebook, Twitter sau Pinterest.

How do I see it?

SketchUp 3D Warehouse Romania Virtual Library is designed for home decoration products online sales and for online 3D interior design and will make possible a perfect collaboration and a closed circuit between architects, construction companies, decorations, accessories, ornaments, reconditioning, real estate and furniture factories using any 3D interior design softwares, on the following levels:

  1. For luxury goods and services – circuit involving architectural, design, construction and furniture manufacturers with high quality products and professional 3D interior design programs.
  2. For normal quality products and services – circuit involving architectural, design, construction and furniture manufacturers with medium quality products and medium professional 3D interior design programs.
  3. For architectural and interior design firms at the beginning of the activity that will use cheaper 3D interior design software.

The manufacturers will create their products as virtual 3D objects and the sales stores, architects and home designers will import the product in the 3D interior design software.

For these circuits I recommend to use Chief Architect 3D Professional Home Design for architects and builders and the cheaper Chief Architect 3D Home Designer software for home products stores.

Products in the form of 3D virtual objects will be introduced both in the SketchUp 3D Warehouse Romania Virtual Library with a link and on the manufacturer’s website with another link.

For customers fidelity the home products stores can make the client’s 3D virtual house with the furniture and decorations that the client already have in his house (client sends online the pictures and the dimensions of the furniture and decorations and using the SketchUp program the seller will make the 3D virtual objects).

After that the seller will add the new home products as 3D virtual objects that the custommer intended to buy in the 3D virtual house. In this way the customer sees how the new home products fits into the house before they buy them.

Moreover, let’s say a furniture store, will have into the 3D Virtual library virtual the objects for the other circuit’s companies (lamps, vases, curtains, carpets, flooring, etc.) and he can show them to their customers into the virtual home. The others circuit’s companies will also show the furniture store products to their clients.

If a manufacturer of furniture in SketchUp 3D Warehouse Virtual Library Romania produce similar furniture (materials, design, accessories) with a furniture manufacturer in, let’s say, the Virtual Library SketchUp 3D Warehouse USA, where the crisis have both decreased production of furniture in half (so half of production equipment not used) they can reach an agreement and they will produce the other half of furniture in the other circuit country. In this way they will reduce transportation costs because the furniture is bulky and heavy.

Who can use the SketchUp 3D Warehouse Romania Virtual Library:

1.Architecture and interior design companies for decoration and interior design projects and for online decoration and interior design projects (here I recommend Chief Achitect Professional Home Design program because they have a free Chief Architect viewer software that the customer can download it from the internet where he can view the 3D project at home on his personal computer).

2.Decoration and interior design - Small Business 

3. Garden planning and decoration - Small business

4.Real estate agencies to show to the customer how will show his new home furnished with the virtual furniture that the customer already have berfore he buy the new home

5.Furniture, decorations and accessories Stores 

6.Furniture, decoration and accessories online Stores.

7.Enthusiasts (DIY) for they own homes and gardens decoration.

For the paragraphs 2-6 I recommend to use the cheap programs Chief Architect Home Designer. For point 7 especially but also for points 2-6 I recommend the Punch! Home & Landscape Design because it is containing hundreds of video tutorials and articles How-To (how to make) with tips and instructions for decorating and arranging the house.

The first step to do is to analyze the programs that are producing furniture and to find the ones that can save the furniture as (.skp) file. If not we must realize some plug-in in order to be able to save the furniture produced in the form of .skp file.

This is necessary to gather  in SketchUp 3D Warehouse Virtual Library Romania as 3D virtual objects the products that are in the manufacturing process in various furniture and decoration factories.

As you know the only objects that can not be sold online are sofas and armchairs because you should teste them before buying to ensure the comfort they offer. I come with a simple idea that may solve this problem. Please just check it and tell me if it is good. On the sites near the sofa to put a sketch rated as following:


Besides allowances will also specify how the seat softness is, something like: soft, normal or hard. The customer knows what it feels like on the old sofa and measuring the back (a – until the right knee, b – ends up seat and c – to the neck) and taking into account angles alpha and beta will know if the model of sofa online is comfortable or not.

2. Filling the Library with 3D virtual food products (with the visualization and verification of taste and smell of the products online before being purchased)

The idea is that if you have a 3D software for home decorating and design that you are using it to purchase furniture and decorations, why not use it also to buy some food online.

For example, a sausage or a jam jar you download the product from the 3D virtual library (you see how it looks) and if you attach a sensor and a software program to takeover the product’s taste and smell (taste and smell file is attached to the product in the Virtual Library and can be downloaded with the 3D virtual product in the 3D home interior design software) and another software to reproduce the product’s taste and smell as a plug-in in the 3D home decoration and design (at your home), you can check if the product meet your requirements before you order it online.

Selling the food products online it is 100% realizable when we will make the sensor and the software capable to takeover and then to reproduce the product’s taste and smell on your personal computer (I think there is already such kind of software).

Can be used in the SketchUp 3D Warehouse Virtual Library Romania and also directly on the food companie’s websites.

3. Filling 3D Library with 3D virtual clothing products (with the virtual clothing’s dressing online before being purchased)

If you’ve furnished your house online and you start buying your food online why not to dress up online.

All we need is a plug-in for the 3D home decorating and design software that is the perfect software to reproduce your body shape as a “3D virtual object” in your “virtual 3D home” in order to “dress virtual clothing” online.

Selling clothes online is an idea and the main problem is the software that must be done is to select the object contour (the human body in this case). Existing 3D programs select a parallelepiped which includes object.

Body shape can be achieved with a similar software laser system used by architects for 3D scanning of buildings.

Clothing software will have to have the option to stretch hands briefly (for shirt can be pulled virtual body) and take into account the elasticity of clothing materials.

4. graph possitioned next to the profile picture on facebook or google+ social networks that will make possible a better online communication between the buyer and the seller

It is a 100% achievable ideas and is something that I believe that can revolutionize the online communication. Briefly, I turned MBTI test in a graph possitioned next to the profile’s picture on the social networks or Email page (when writing an email).

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test looks like this (placed horizontally not vertically):


I went on the idea that one person can not have just a characteristic of land or sky (on each of the 4 columns) and I split each rectangle into 4 rectangles.

In this way, on each column, a person may be, let’s say, 75% Emotional and 25% Rational (I gave as example the 3 column, as in the graph below).


If, on the social networking page or at the top of the page you send an Email it appears the graph of the person you speak or write them a letter near his profile’s picture, you will know which way to orient the information you sent him (the message but also when you talk on the Internet).

Set button is for each person to set their own profile and when you access the Information button to appear a pop-up with simple information for completing the graph.

For each column must be 4 questions with answer A (for red) or B (for green) for each column. The person answers the questions and the graph is completed automatically.

If a person wants to change in a particular direction, let’s say that is has 4 green rectangles so it is introvert and wants to go a little bit to extrovert, in the setting, he is putting out a green rectangle and putting in one red rectangle. That has two advantages:

1. He always sees chart when social networks and slowly, slowly convince it himself that is also extrovert.

2. Those who write messages or Emails to him will guide the information also toward extrovert side.

If you want to get involved in online virtual library project SketchUp 3D Warehouse Romania click on the image below to open and send email.

Posted by New Elements on May 9, 2015